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Helen and Ben
Alumni Awards 2008
Christening 2008
Reunion 2000
Reunion 2002
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Birthday 2003
Christmas 2008
Christmas 2002
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Welcome Family & Friends!

Welcome to the Michalik Family & Friends website. If you happened upon us on the web, we hope you'll enjoy a spin around the Michalik website.  If you're a Michalik, we'd love to hear from you.  Drop us a line!

Access your Michalik e-mail address and Michalik chat at http://Portal.Michalik.com

We created a the site for the Michaliks to learn "who's who" and to introduce newcomers to the tribe.  We seek your input, your pictures, your stories - whatever we need to tell your 'Michalik' story.

Picture Pages

Individual Michalik Pages
Amelia Michalik - Last updated March 8, 2013
Lex Michalik  - Last updated March 8, 2013
Andrew Michalik - Last updated March 8, 2013
Benjamin A. Michalik, In Memoriam

Special Events
Andy and Geraldine's Hawaiian Wedding - August 8, 2009
Christening of Amelia and Lex, April 2008
Alumni Awards Dinner, April 2008

Birthday in New Jersey 2003

Christmas in PA, NJ and NY 2008
Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania 2003
Christmas in Connecticut 2002
Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania 2001
Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania 2000

Michalik History
Historical Michalik Images and Information
In Memoriam - Michalik's

Family Reunion 2004
Family Reunion 2002
Family Reunion 2000

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