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Mom, the Bride, Grandma walking down the aislelineHaunted TourlineThe Jazz band that would lead the Parade

The inspiration behind Wed Nights comes from the process of planning an original wedding that was also a destination wedding - and all from scratch.  There was nothing out there that spoke to the couple that didn't want to have a traditional wedding.  Not that there's anything wrong with having a traditional wedding.  We didn't feel like the typical wedding with its white dress, tuxes, candle lighting ceremonies, etc really represented who we were.  We found ourselves asking "why do we need to do this thing or that".  Our answer was, "we don't have to do that!"  How liberating!!  There are so many possibilities in creating an amazing, fun and memorable ceremony that is shares our true spirit and heart that once we freed ourselves from the "have to's" we were able to get to the "want to's"!  A wedding that is special and unique that creates a community from the friends and family that attend.

Wed Nights is an effort to share our information, the steps it took to get to where we ended up, the data behind the event, the creativity and the possibilities.  A ceremony uniting two people in love should, at the minimum, capture the heart and reason of the marriage union... the love of the engaged couple and their desire to share their reason for their love and their hopes for their future with their community.

The pages that follow will give you ideas of what we and other brides and grooms have done to create atmosphere, community and fun in unique and memorable settings in ways that truly complement their and perhaps your personality.  You will find sample pre-wedding emails (tasters or teasers) written to guests, sample itineraries (the fun to come), sample menu ideas and even dress or costume options.

We hope that you find a few ideas in these pages that will inspire you to be imaginative and creative and stretch your boundaries.  We hope to encourage you not only to add your unique flavor to your special day but provide your community a chance to know you better for it.

To continue to grow the idea of the non-traditional wedding, WedNights.com will add to its pages fresh and fun ideas for the unconventional and non-traditional wedding.  If you've searched for unusual wedding themes, non-traditional ceremonies, interesting destination wedding sites or a unique wedding dresses and have come up bone dry, hopefully you'll find some help here.

Bride and Groom on the Bourbon Street Parade

Destination Wedding New Orleans, Louisiana
Bourbon Street ParadelineBride & Groom in the ParadelinePartial Group Shot with the Groom

Festive Attire Encouraged
Whatever you feel comfortable wearing while on Bourbon Street.  We suggest hats, costumes, plumes, bustier's, sparkles, boa's, bed-pan guitars and fake jewels galore.

What to bring to the Wedding:
Instruments/ Noise Makers
If you have an instrument that you play that you want to bring for the talent performances at the reception or the parade or parties throughout the weekend (Noise ordinances are halted in the French Qtr at Jazz fest!!!) do so.  Drums, washboards, whatever the airlines will allow.  We'll have additional noise makers and drums around as well.

Additional Information on this site

Things to do, things you'll appreciate knowing, tips from former Jazz Festers, Hotels, Restaurants and more:
Jazz Fest Information

Sample emails to relay information and create enthusiasm
Destination Wedding - Sample Emails

Wedding Invitation, Itinerary and Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony Information

See the Wedding Budget


Bride and Grandmother singing at the Reception Talent Show

The Reception
Instead of hiring a band, the couple asked
the guests to provide the entertainment.
In this image the bride and her Grandma
sing "Has Anybody Seen My Gal".

The ParadelineThe ParadelineJazz Band and Wedding guest

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